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Qidso Oil and Gas

At Qidso Oil and Gas, our commitment to excellence extends across a broad spectrum of services tailored to meet the dynamic needs of our clients in the energy sector. From fuel and gas station construction to seamless sales and procurement processes, innovative logistics solutions, strategic startup consulting, and rigorous auditing services, we provide comprehensive support to drive success and sustainability in every facet of our clients' operations.

Qidso Homes and Properties

At Qidso Homes and Properties, our comprehensive suite of services goes beyond traditional real estate offerings. From facilitating property sales to orchestrating home remodeling projects, and managing rentals and leases with meticulous care, to providing expert estate management services, we are dedicated to delivering seamless experiences for clients looking to buy, enhance, or oversee their real estate assets, ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction every step of the way.

Sotijeun Rice

At Sotijeun Foods, our commitment to freshness and quality shines through in our diverse range of offerings. From nutritious packaged foods tailored for Nigerians at home and abroad, available for both retail and wholesale purchase, to curated food boxes, unique souvenirs, luxurious hampers, and personalized private labeling services, we cater to every culinary need. With nationwide delivery, we guarantee convenience and excellence for all our cherished customers.

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